Aol mail not updating on droid

Despite these realities, the company's overarching and decades-old mobile strategy, to bring a telephony-enabled mobile device with the full power of Windows to market has remained unchanged.

If most people had a long view, they would have known Windows 10 Mobile would be being replaced by Windows Core OS on Microsoft's next mobile device which will have a pen and inking focus.

You could setup a second "catch all" gmail account, and then you could forward your Comcast email to that Gmail account.

Just a suggestion so that maybe you can at least not have to worry about missing potentially important messages, at least until an update is released (which should be within a months btw).

There's often a return to a dismal assessment when fortune seems to turn again against Microsoft in the form of departing apps, lost partnerships or some other calamity. Is Microsoft's mobile strategy as volatile as this vacillating coverage portrays? This admittedly makes following Microsoft's mobile story challenging for some.

Furthermore, it's clear that the company's efforts have failed.

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