Are eddie redmayne and hannah bagshawe still dating

He has a wife somewhere but it doesn't stop him boozing and dating all around London (among others, his Ophelia from Hamlet). Michael Fassbender was not into Alicia Vikander, he digs black chicks. (Although for some strange reason I believe the Cumberbatch pussyhound bit. Because PR "shills" hang out on gay message boards and trawl threads unrelated to their clients. Kindly fuck off back to your own corner of the internet.Sorry r26, but Hannah Bagshawe is my second cousin and I've known Eddie for some time as well. For the record, this is why DL is utterly worthless these days.Tom not getting Bond will be like his fellow Etonian Cameron not winning the Referendum. Tom's posh peers Eddie and Benedict will continue their steady progress, while he'll have the embarrassing back story of a failed PR campaign to live with; plus Swifty and her people will know all the goods on Tom. Oh yes, how shocking that a guy in the entertainment business would be attracted to that young woman, plus the added bonus of his own fame going up. He's supposed to be with some dowdy Tumblr girl who writes fanfiction about sex but has never actually had it herself.R22, I'd never even heard of Hiddleston until this year, so I wouldn't know one way or the other. Travolta and Spacey both have a very, very long history of being gay as the day is long. I didn't think he was gay before, he was staring at women's boobs and ass in interviews. T and his campaign people certainly aren't afraid of trying too hard. She's got her Vuitton purse perfectly positioned to get plenty of pap attention, no matter what angle she's photographed from! Calvin Harris has now commented about his relationship with Swift. What happened to the Tom who never really let anyone see what was going on in his private life? I agree its not just about T bearding, but also about attempting to amplify his profile as a major player: private jets, handlers, sunglasses, yet still fond of his dear old Mum. I haven't seen such blatant PR shenanz in a dog's age. She seems to be bringing the paps everywhere and Tom is such a famewhore he's lapping it up.Taylor isn't gay; she loves men and likes getting fucked, but she gets bored easily.

It's for her getting hired to do a Superbowl Halftime gig.My theory: If anyone is closeted, IMO, it's Taylor. The whole point of Calvin was to show her in a stable, long term relationship...until he got busted at a massage parlor.(She probably had him followed and had one of her toads took the pictures & sold them.R22, just to add on that my point was that if he ISN'T gay or his female fan base don't believe he is gay, then their confusion as to why a 35 year old guy would be interested in a 26 year old blonde who happens to be very attractive, very famous, very wealthy and very successful only makes me think of that William Shatner skit on SNL.My brother works in London theatre and told me long ago that Hiddleston is gay but deeply ashamed about it.

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