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“It happens at all ages, but I think it does happen more commonly among young people,” says Joshua Zader, creator of the Atlasphere, a social networking Web site that connects objectivists around the world.Zader says that many Randians experience their first contact with her books between the ages of 14 and 21.

While Rand is influential among libertarians and conservatives, she saw both groups as insufficiently wedded to capitalism. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas are Rand fans; Barry Goldwater was one too.“It’s an interesting seed to plant in a teenager’s mind that that’s how sex operates.” Even those teens who aren’t particularly obsessed with Rand’s erotica have picked up long-lasting sexual cues from her books.Angela Huynh, 24, is another Randian who got hooked as a teenager.In March of 2003, Ryan told the Weekly Standard he was still a huge fan.“I give out ‘ If you’re behind on your mid-century philosophy, Rand invented Objectivism, a philosophy which holds that laissez-faire capitalism is the ideal economic system and that all people should pursue their own rational self-interest, not the good of others.

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