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On every episode, we hear real stories from real people of how they make dating work (or not).

Some stories are juicy, some are insightful, and some will have you screaming, "I had the same thing happen to me! I started the “How To Talk To Girls Podcast” because I’m passionate about sharing all the tips, tricks and techniques I’ve learned over the last 9 years of going out, approaching girls and mastering the subtle mating dance between men and women.

Here's a smart one I haven't heard before: Check your selfishness at the door.

"Think about the other person, and try to make him or her feel at ease," says Sansone-Braff.

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But ultimately, confidence helps: After a while, insecurity might lead to other problems in a relationship.

"There is a reason we need to talk and spend time with people in person: We get to know them," she says.

"Even if a romantic relationship isn't in the cards, you may find a pretty cool friend."Don't just sit back and inwardly roll your eyes at your date.

"Participate fully in conversations," relationship coach Melinda Carver tells Bustle.

Dating is sort of like working out, and just like you can work out more efficiently, you can get better at dating. I asked six relationship experts for practical tips to become a savvier, smarter, more confident dater — though confidence isn't necessarily the key.

When you first start doing it, it can feel really exciting: I'm doing something new! One study found that insecure people have a better chance at landing a date, because they're more attentive to what the other person might want in the moment.

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"If you are sullen, angry, bitter or jealous, these attitudes will get in your way and sabotage you." This should go without saying, but in case it applies to you: "People do not want to be around nasty, belligerent people," she says. It changes your energy and will help you in attracting others."There's no reason to go out with someone all day every day. "The best daters, and the most successful ones I work with, are people who are honest when they aren't in the right mindset because of work issues, personal issues or just need to recharge." If today is not your day, don't go rushing out the door to meet someone who might be a great match for you next week, when you're back in the groove.

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