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The handsome brother from the Caribbean took my breath away, and swept me off my feet.We dated, got married and had a son, Julian, and a daughter, Monica.

After about an hour of this, Louis and I lay side by side on the living room carpet.My hubby rubbed my clit with his thumb and index finger, causing me to squirm.Next, he knelt before me and buried his handsome face between my legs."Hmm, you got me so horny," Louis said, and I smiled as my hubby propped me on all fours, and gently caressed my thick derriere.I pressed my bum against Louis groin as I felt his hard dick.

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Louis sat on the couch and sighed happily as I sucked him, slow and gentle, the way he likes it. If that's not long enough to know a man, I don't know what is... " I said, teasing Louis as I flicked my tongue over the head of his long, dark dick. While sucking Louis's dick, I slid a finger into his ass, and began working him over.

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