Daddy rules for dating my daughter

I glanced out the window of my 20 story apartment at the city below.Given the Christmas Eve holiday, traffic was understandably light.They taught me the value of hard work at an early age.I had regular chores and responsibilities beginning at the age of five.And since my profession was all about managing their money, it was an event I needed to attend. As parties go, it will be good, with some of the city's wealthiest in attendance.There will be some boring conversation, some really off-color jokes, and the best food spread prepared by the best caterers in town.That quiet town could have been the town I was raised in, and that would have been fine by me.

" She stepped out of the guest bedroom, and my jaw dropped -- she was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen! I wasn't expecting the penthouse apartment, the daily car service to take me wherever I wanted to go, the multi-million dollar business that makes its money by making money for other people. Granted, it has taken lots of hard work plus more than a couple of times when I blindly took a risk, only to have that risk pay off in a big way.Now don't get me wrong -- I was also allowed most of the normal kid-type things, such as playing sports, hanging out with friends, working a part-time job to pay for my first car.I loved my parents very much, and never felt their traditional ways were a burden on my lifestyle.She had called me this morning and begged to cancel at the last minute.It seems her boyfriend thought it was important that she attend his family's Christmas Eve gathering.

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