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I’ m not in a relationship now, but I remember we were in a bit of a discussion on something we couldn’t see eye to eye on. So for better or worse, in my own relationships, it usually ends up on stage with my girlfriend or an ex either thanking me because it was a flattering light and I put myself in a disparaging place, or every once in awhile you’re taking a shot at somebody else.

She looked at me and said, ‘I feel like you’re not listening but you’re observing me.’ There is that moment as a comedian where we find ourselves, whether it’s a relationship or wherever we can be observational, when we’re starting to absorb the idea that this is relatable. I’ve gotten a few calls and texts from exes who say, “I know you’re talking about me.”A: It’s so funny.

Probably because they had such a good time with it, I expanded on it.

I would say the new theme and through line is primarily about love. When you’re a comedian and you’re in a relationship, there’s pretty much a moment, and I had this with my last girl that I was pretty serious with.

For me personally, I’ve never been a person looking for the furthest point of that line, and take it to the shock value.Maybe starting out as a performer with a bit of writing that was bombastic, and youthful, and then when I hit my 30s, I started reading more. I’ve definitely changed a lot, and I see that the demographic in my audience is wider, and that’s exciting.I was more into self-actualizing and self-reflection, becoming more of a lover of language and, dare I say, a verbologist in some ways, and using more tools to tell greater stories. If there’s a great take on something sexual, or something that might be a little more lascivious, I’m gonna take it on, but there’s never been malice. But I think part of what people enjoy is I’ll push it.It’s already hard enough as humans face-to-face, but then you add the component of emojis and locked phones and all the trappings when you’re dating and wanting someone’s attention and there’s this device in between the two of you that you know they’re getting hit up on.I really had a great time exploring that, and I noticed there was a lot of couples at my shows on that last tour.

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