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I walked around thinking that I was broken and defective for a number of years,” he says.

“It took a lot of work to undo that.” Over time, that sense of doubt—projected and internalized—chips away at self-esteem.

The Royal London Society for Blind (RLSB) people has decided the time has come to find a way to help visually impaired people to improve both through the means of technology.

It invited developers to investigate how technology could help blind people to improve their dating opportunities, increase social interaction with their peers and reduce barriers for finding employment.

He encounters many people at the demo center who want to access websites but don’t want to learn how to type. “Once you figure out the basic layout of the keys, you know relatively where to touch the keyboard,” he adds.

To help locate the position of the keys, his Apple keyboard is outfitted with adhesive dots.

“I was near hysterics.” Chalkias found a low-tech solution to that particular problem: He worked with a mobility instructor, a service offered by the New York State Commission for the Blind.

The instructor helped him identify various routes from his subway stop to his classroom, considering physical landmarks, elevators, and stairs, so that he can navigate independently.

“The lower third of the screen is now your keyboard,” he says. He sits with his body turned towards me and laughs conspiratorially.When he first started school in 2012, the complexity of the task threw him into a panic. Different elevators have different button sequences: sometimes there are four columns, sometimes there are two.“There were times when I was on the elevator, looking for the ‘3,’ and I couldn’t find it, and the elevator’s going up and down, and up and down,” he says.The site stores users’ data, and when they pass an intersection equipped with the technology, the environment adapts to fit the preselected preferences.Chalkias is about to start his fourth year as a graduate student at Hunter College, where he has to navigate labrynthine buildings connected via bridges that weave over Lexington Avenue.

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A dating-app, created during the two-day gathering that uses six-second voice clips to help a user assess prospective dating candidates, impressed the competition’s judging panel the most.“We were inspired by RLSB's Kevin Satizabal who is blind and talked to us about his dating experiences - he said you fall in love with the voice first, there’s so much richness and intonation within a voice that gives clues to a person’s personality,” said a representative of the winning team.“For us this seemed like a great way to connect all people, not just those with vision impairment.”After finding initial matches based on the six-second clips, the users can talk in six-second memos.

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