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Import Duties NEW TEMPORARY EXEMPTION ORDER THE Import Duties (Temporary Ex- emptions) (No. Training Export Staff OFTEN "HAPHAZARD" SAYS REPORT A REPORT by the Central Training Council ("Training of Export Staff," H. There was an important role for in-company training, properly organised; but too many firms left their staff to pick up their know- ledge by chance or through the good- will or self-interest of senior staff. Beaconsfield suggests that such drugs should satisfy the following criteria before being endor- sed for clinical trial: — that their effects on the cells of the vital organs are within normal physiological limits and the cell architecture is not im- paired; that any changes they cause are not cumulative and are reversible on discontinuation of the compounds, and that they have no cytogenetic effects. The Wellcome Trust has approved a grant of £23,000 towards the purchase of a spectropolarimeter, which will be on permanent loan to the department for work on the stereo- chemistry of drug molecules, and studies of their interactions with bio- logical systems, to be carried out under the direction of Professor I. Exports of sensitised materials were again well up on 1967. One had a raised dispensary in the centre, with fixtures radiating like the spokes on a wheel. The GOLDEN HAND - SHAKE: The presi- dent of the Pharma- ceutical Society of Ire- land (Mr. Strathclyde University PHARMACEUTICAL RESEARCH AWARDS THE department of pharmaceutical chemistry of Strathclyde University has recently received a number of grants in aid of research. Caddy to study the application of capillary column gas chromatography to problems of drug analysis in humans. Chemical Industries TRAINING BOARD GRANTS CHANGES THE December bulletin of the Chemi- cal and Allied Products Industry Train- ing Board states that over the three months since the grants scheme was published (C. 158), it has become apparent that the de- preciation of premises grant plus the 50 per cent grant towards salaries of training staff have together proved a disproportionately low contribution to- wards the cost of in-company off-the- job courses, as compared with fhe 80 per cent, of fees allowable in the case of external courses. When, at the second, he had questioned the value of selling when the public might be unaware of the shop, he had been told the turnover of goods — mainly high quality cosmetics — was £14,000. The official shoppers' conver- sion table given in an earlier booklet (see C. The Board's view is that manufacturers and retailers should not be obliged by law to apply this table in re-pricing their goods but that they should be expected to use it wherever possible. 1948), effective January 1, 1969, provides that the goods (mainly chemicals) listed shall be exempt, or shall continue to be ex- empt, from import duty until January 1, 1970, except for items for which an earlier day is specified. Golden, chairman of a Benevolent Fund- raising Committee. Narcotics ESTIMATES FOR 1968 REVISED estimated United Kingdom requirements for narcotics in 1968 have been submitted to the International Narcotics Control Board. "The advent of oral contraceptives, com- pounds taken for non-therapeutic reasons and the duration of whose use is unlimited, calls for a complete change in our assessment of what con- stitutes safety in a drug," he writes. On the home market the only large category to show any considerable increase, apart from sensi- tised materials which maintained their usual upward trend, was "other" pho- tographic apparatus which rose by about a third. No pharmacy he had seen employed less than two qualified persons, who were not on duty together, as the closing hour was usually 9 p.m., except in New York, where it could be even after midnight. Fixtures were in aisles leading to the dispensary, and all goods were dis- played at eye level. The Board say that the need is now becoming urgent to study pric- ing structures involving the half- penny, which ceases to be legal tender on August 1, 1969. Some goods, the exemption of which is continued by the Order, appear under a descrip- tion which has been modified to make it specifically clear that the exemption relates only to the normal isomer of the substance concerned. 6d.), finds that in far too many companies and export houses, the export staff were given no planned instruction and ac- quired such information as they possessed in a haphazard manner in the course of doing their jobs. Details are given in the third supplement, Estimat- ed World Requirements of Narcotic Drugs in 1968 (U. "It is understandable that the long-term consequences of oral contraceptives in humans are not known, but it is in- excusable that they are not known in animals." Mr. Parfitt has also received a grant of £3,600 from the Medical Research Council to promote studies of the chemical and physico-chemical proper- ties of benzomorphan narcotic anal- gesics. Deliveries of photo- graphic cameras and all types of pro- jectors were well down. The pharmacists worked a rota, and had three or four days off at once. Window displays were poor, though some did show in- valid chairs and surgical equipment. Little was on view in the dispensary except the pharma- cists' certificates and some pharmaceu- tical ornaments. He had been amazed at finding two pharmacies in "doctor blocks." Neither of the pharmacies had a shop window and from the outside it was impossible to know they existed. Figures recently issued by the Board of Trade also reveal the following indices for the month : — Independent retailers Multiple retailers 106 ( 10 per cent.) Co-operative societies 90 ( 4 per cent.) The figures do not allow for contrac- tors' receipts under the National Health Service. Kingston, who met in the college while students and married while studying, were conferred their licence and registered as pharmacists on the same day Among others to receive licences were Mr. Cut-price pharmacies charged 75 cents for service plus 25 per cent, oncost.

Board after consulting those Govern- ment departments with responsibilities in that area. They in- directly entered politics by having paid lobbyists in both Congress and the State Legislatures. Also the sub-paragraph (d) of the entry relating to "any antimicrobial sub- stance being: . ." is amended to "(d) any substance within paragraph (a), (b) or (c) above with one or more of the following substances, that is to say, cobalt salts, AW'-di-(4-amino-2- methyl-6-quinolyl) urea hydrochloride, p-hydroxybenzoic esters, kaolin, qua- ternary ammonium bactericides, salicyl alcohol, cloponone and myralact;" [Ginetris.] Decimal Board Guidance "OVERALL INCREASE UNNECESSARY" THE change to decimal currency in 1971 need not — and should not — lead to an overall increase in the prices of goods and services according to the Decimal Currency Board in a booklet "Points for Businessmen" published by H. Stat ionery Office, price one shill- ing, on December 9. "A handful of colleges in both the public and private sector put on imaginative courses of considerable merit," says the report, "but, in general, the overall picture is one of apathy, with few courses and these ill-attended. methadone 45, methadone-intermedi- ate 250, morphine 16,655, morphine dimethyl ether 5 gm., norcodeine 1 gm., opium 245,500, oxycodone 19-389, oxy- morphone 15 gm., pethidine 1,100, pethidine-intermediate-A 3,628-656, pethidine-intermediate-B 100 sm„ nrthi- dine-intermediate-C 144-760, phena- zocine 4 228, phenoperidine 518 gm., pholcodine 1,638-102, thebacon T958 and thebaine 365 350. Photographic Equipment ONE-FIFTH UP ON SECOND QUARTER THE total value of manufacturers' de- liveries of photographic equipment was £33,823,000 in the second quarter of the year, an increase of 21 per cent, over the same quarter in 1967, accord- ing to the Board of Trade's Business Monitor. The chain was the nearest thing to Boots, Ltd., in that it was country- wide, "but I wouldn't insult Boots by further comparison." It had been a little like a second-hand marine store, with clothes hanging round the fixtures, and he had had to fight his way through a mass of stands, clothes and hardware, etc., to find the dispensary hidden away in a distant corner. The booklet con- tains a note on the effect of decimal currency on prices prepared by the subject. The table using the new half- penny which up to one shilling rounds up as many odd penny amounts as it rounds down should, if applied consist- ently to a number of evenly distributed amounts, balance out buyers' and sellers' gains. The present gulf between industry and the educational services in this field is one of many pressing problems." A number of recommendations are made including the introduction of a uniform national system of export courses and qualifications. Drug Testing NEED FOR A "SECOND TIER" A "SECOND-TIER of testing proced- ures" should be introduced for all new drugs intended for long-term adminis- tration, maintains Mr. Beaconsfield, working at the Royal Free Hospital, London, in a letter to the British Medical Journal (November 30). The report also mentions that both home and export markets shared in the increase, rising by 16 and 30 per cent, respectively. A neighbourhood or suburban pharmacy he had visited — one of six serving a 20,000 population area — dispensed an average of 2,000 scripts a month. The modern pharmacies were fully carpeted and the general layout pro- minently featured an open dispensary — in some instances raised so that the pharmacist was visible from all points. Grave and often fatal lung changes have developed some days later. In those cir- cumstances serious illness has followed the taking of relatively small quantities of the paraquat liquid.

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December 2 1 /28, 1 96 8 579 CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST The Editor and Publisher and their staffs wish ail subscribers and advertisers a Merry Christmas and a PRODUCTIVE NEW YEAR Volume 190. 4636/37 Medicines Exempted from Tax A DIRECTION BY CUSTOMS AND EXCISE THE Customs and Excise have issued Purchase Tax (No. Gordon was describing a recent visit that combined a family reunion with observation on how pharmacy was carried on in the United States. took five years at college after high school, then one year of post-graduate training, leading, after registration, to a licence to prac- tise with the title A. Inspection of pharmacies was under- taken by the State Pharmacy Commis- sion and, whilst there was no legal limitation of pharmacies, the permis- sion of the State authority (Department of Consumer Protection, pharmacy division) was needed before a phar- macy could be opened.

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