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In fact, I have met some wonderful ladies through Craigslist.

The thing is, filtering through the crap ads can be very time consuming.

Lesbian Lexicon is different, we do not post fake profiles because that is just unfair to those seriously seeking love. This is a Lesbian Social Networking site with free Lesbian Personals and dating options, men simply do not fit in.

We also feel honesty is important which is why when we say membership to Lesbian Lexicon is 100% free, we mean it. So, unlike many other sites out there, we do not bait you with a featureless profile which does nothing but boost our member stats and then try to sell you on an upgrade just to be able to send a simple message to another member.

In addition, although Craigslist is very good at what they do, the service is limited to Personal Ads and Forums only.

hmmmm, looks to me like they designed their site to make it look like I had a shot in hell of finding someone on their website in question seemed to me more focused on the Hetro crowd, I guess I was out of luck for meeting up with fake singles anyways.

In my own personal experience, I have lost count of the number of times I was approached by a Male suggesting he was "The One" who could satisfy me enough so that I would "Switch Teams." Honestly now, do you really think I would give up the life of a Lesbian for the "Last Chicken in the Shop? In addition, there are those religious fanatics who seem to feel it is their "God Given Mission" To convert the "Heathen Lesbians" And you thought the "Last Chicken in the Shop" was bad.

I am not saying Craigslist and other lightly do not have their place.

More often than not, these cancellation requests are lost and your credit card is subsequently billed for a out there.

Unfortunately, as with most lightly moderated solutions, there is room for abuse, misuse, or misrepresentation.

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