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”, Jim explained his fearful mood that had darkened his thoughts. I’ve never wanted for anything, and I love you for that. Jim gazed into his daughter’s eyes and realized how much he loved her.

And since you’ve lightened up over the last three years, you’ve always been there when I needed to talk. I guess I hang around here because you’re my best friend. She put up with his moods, his tendency to stay by himself, but she was always there when he needed to be with someone, especially when the loneliness overwhelmed him. I don’t know what came over me, but you looked like you needed a kiss. Then she let her arms fall free of his neck, but she wasn’t too keen on him letting her go.

This one, however, was more than she could ever remember experiencing before in her life. And how come you’re sticking your nose in your father’s private life anyways? Rarely did he address his daughter by her second name, but when he did, she knew she was on thin ice.

The trembling of her body seemed to almost paralyse her, and the afterglow felt more like the satisfaction she longed for, but which had eluded her. I know, I know, it’s been years since she left, and you’re always telling me that it’s time to get on with life. oh hell, I’m scared shitless of going down that road again. Or is this leading to something that I’m not supposed to find out about until it’s too late? Still, he was holding her and rubbing her arm in an attempt to let her know that he was open to her inquiries.

In that instant, she came to understand that the object of her desire was, in fact, her father! Or have you got something in mind that you’re gonna rope me into? Not that he minded being Anita’s “go-fer” whenever she asked. But to be honest, I can do without the hurt in my life that she left, and . And yes, I realize that you’ll be getting married, having kids, and all that stuff, some day. He just didn’t guarantee that he would answer, and she could accept that. Maybe I am sticking my nose in where it doesn’t belong, and maybe I’m stepping over the line, too. I’m afraid that you’ll leave it too long, then when you do go looking, it’ll be too late. Anita grabbed her Dad‘s hand and pushed it to her breast. I want to feel loved, to be taken, to give myself, to experience real pleasure! I’m fed up with being thought of as a place for some young jerk to spurt his load!

If she could find a man like her Dad, she’d marry him in a heartbeat. She stared at the ceiling, deep in thought, and absentmindedly began rubbing her breast.

The sensations on her nipple were so very pleasant, and as they became more erect, she began to feel that wetness between her legs. More and more, her fantasies were about being with a man that was just like her Dad!

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Her tummy could use some slimming maybe, but the curve of her hips made it seem like it was supposed to be that shape. She could clearly visualize that it was her Dad that was touching her, feeling her, pleasuring her, and loving her.

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