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I could swear that some sites didn't like having pics or videos of theirs embedded on other sites... I could swear that some sites didn't like having pics or videos of theirs embedded on other sites...

DL 120kg: 5x 5reps DL 140kg: 1,1,1 DL 150kg: 1 Bench press 80kg: 3,4,4,4,4 That is all! Feeling like I am on to a good training streak - which I believe is due to more varied training - I couldn't neglect a few barbell lifts.

In fact for the only watch I returned Costco offered the next years model which they were stocking. The above info is from the PBS Special that was run 3 years ago and updated last year since the CEO of Costco retired.

The only draw back I saw in purchasing from Costco was that the staff does not known technical specs like movements etc... I did a little 15 minutes research at a retail jeweler nearby Costco and mathematically the watch was about 35% cheaper that was that jeweler would sell it to me after the Jeweler gave me a 10% discount. The previous CEO spent over 360 days each year visiting Costcos and observed how the merchandize was displayed at each store.

PS: There are gray market dealers online we could recommend if interested.

Since you don't see every model of the brands that Costco carries at any time, some high end producers always have stock remaining when new stock is offered to be purchased by the high end carrier.They are new gray market watches, meaning Sam's Club isn't an AD and procures them from an AD somewhere.COSTCO also sell them and has a lifetime warranty, I don't know what SC's policy is. I would not hesitate to purchase if you got the deal you want.Buy it from Ashford (e Bay) if you want it and the cost of shipping will probably be offset by not paying state sales tax. If you are undecided, I would go back to Sams and try it on and get vibes from it.

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