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Thus begins a series of increasingly violent episodes, with Bradley picking fights with a gang of Mexican prisoners and beating up prison guards — and that’s just to get tossed in the max security wing.There we meet the sadistic Warden Tuggs (Don Johnson, hamming it up and looking like he could use a stepladder if he wants to go face to face with Vaughn), who dresses and talks like a corrupt sheriff in an old Western.Vaughn fully commits to playing a hulking killing machine who tried his best to quell his demons and make a go of it in the straight (as in non-criminal) world, but finds himself behind bars and on a desperate quest to carry out a hit in order to save his family.Written and directed with a brutally arresting style by S.

Hmmm, a bit of foreshadowing there indicating ya don’t want to trifle with big Brad. Desperate to save his marriage and make some serious scratch, Bradley falls back into a life of crime, and after a job goes horribly wrong, he finds himself in the medium-security wing of a prison.

The Australian singer and Ballerini are set to marry toward the end of the year, but before they could set their future together, Evans had to run the usual gauntlet of meeting the family.

In the run-up to the 2017 CMA Awards, he tells Taste of Country he was "absolutely" apprehensive to meet Ballerini's mom."She's an intimidating woman," he says, quickly adding, "When you get to know her, she's the kindest, most awesome woman of all time, but when you're first getting to know her ...

Michael Yglecias refused to cooperate with Pomona police and “puffed out” his chest in an attempt to intimidate one of the two officers who responded to a domestic violence call at the home, according to a report by one of the officers. The district attorney’s office declared a conflict, leaving the decision on whether to prosecute Yglecias up to the California attorney general’s office.

She described the incident as a “misunderstanding,” and said she called police out of frustration when he wouldn’t apologize.“It wasn’t domestic violence,” she said, adding that the couple had no history of abuse.

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Thing is, Bradley actually needs to get thrown in the MAXIMUM security section, so he can track down and kill a certain bad hombre.

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