Kaspersky stops after updating

I have been trying many different combinations, I've even devolved to "Cargo-cult" debugging, since I have no clue what is causing this...

There's real-time antivirus protection and blocking of malicious URLs, of course.You should also try running Process Monitor to capture a log of the application actions. This would certainly cause Outlook to be unresponsive.Start the log, get Outlook to lock up and then see what the last things were that Outlook performed. Try search Event Viewer for connectivity problems around the time Outlook hangs.I have searched all over, and there seem to be many with similar (apparently) problem, and found numerous "solutions" (some even more cargocultish than mine), but so far none of them worked.In short, I honestly have no idea what is actually causing Outlook to lock up, I might be completely barking up the wrong tree.

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