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We have been serving the Mariska community since 2009 and have over 200,000 images for your viewing pleasure.If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me.Find out my bottom 200 episodes below, then come back tomorrow for the top 200 just in time for fan for 13 years, but this was the first episode that really left me angry. Also, the main suspect is a painfully bad Shia La Beouf rip-off who wears a paper bag on his head.392. 14 On one hand this is a suspenseful hour of – there’s a tense rooftop shootout, a kidnapped victim, and Ice-T one-liners. 5 A case that leads back to a doctor (Elizabeth Mc Govern) who teaches military torture techniques. has been stealing drug money, and when the ADA finds out the detective plots her murder. At least 2 Chainz shows up with a fantastic line about his face being sewed onto a soccer ball.’s take on it.370. 22 I’m sorry but did the writers have so few ideas that an episode about a dad plotting the kidnapping of his own son to make his “spaced out” ex-wife pay more attention seemed like a clever idea? This is an episode about DUN DUN DUN the internet.365. 6 The Anthony Weiner episode where a mayoral front-runner uses the online alias “Enrique Trouble.” Doesn’t quite have the same ring as Carlos Danger.364. 5 What begins as a suspenseful search for a missing baby becomes a manslaughter case with the parents as prime suspects. Turns out the rapist was a defense attorney, but what a waste to bring back such a creeper from the past just to be a red herring.362. 12 In one of the show’s most generic and overdone storylines, a student rapes a younger student. trope of unremorseful teens who bully and kill a classmate.355. 10 An episode about a polygamist, a murder case, and female circumcision with a Method Man cameo should be way more exciting than this.354. 10 Oh goodie, a timely episode about a racist extremist who kills the children of immigrants.353. 16 Hazing, sexual assault by football coaches, and gay hate crimes; there’s way too much going on here.352. 15 It’s the Daniel Tosh rape joke episode, only the standup comic is accused of rape to make matters more dramatic. When Rollins says, “He’s bating you, Liv,” Fin replies, “Masturbating! Clay Aiken, Ashanti, and Taylor Hicks guest star as the judges. The worst part is how the writers use the stereotype of crossdressing psychotic men. In this one a mother goes undercover as a brothel owner to try to find her kidnapped daughter. (Um, okay.) An interesting premise, but without a crime there’s not much going on.334. 12 Sex addiction, an underground sex club, and Munch and Fin debating the privacy of people’s sex lives.333. Benson gets transferred to another bureau because of her relationship with Tucker.313. 3 Is catfishing someone for consensual sex the same as rape? 11 Mae Whitman is a wealthy private school girl who pretends to be a homeless punk (dreds included), starts a street gang, and convinces her new boyfriend to kill one of her classmates.309. 13 That time convicted rapist Mike Tyson played a rape victim.308. 4 What do you do when your wife threatens to divorce you when she finds out you’ve been stealing her money to take ecstasy with prostitutes? It’s a refreshing break from the sensationalized ripped-from-the-headlines eps, and sustains tension outside of Benson’s William Lewis arc throughout the season.303. 4 Why write an episode about sex trafficking rings or terrorism when you can capitalize on both at once? ” Then Benson finally rekindles her Season 1 romance with Cassidy.237. 17 A son kills his wife for cheating on him with his father and getting pregnant with what would’ve been his brother-in-law.236. 8 We’ve seen this episode so many times – a child gets kidnapped to teach an irresponsible parent a lesson. Bonus points for depicting well-written queer characters who aren’t victimized because of their sexuality.235. 11 In her first guest role, Hayden Panettiere plays the daughter of two country singers.Attempting to comment on Ferguson and Freddie Gray, the episode finds three (never-before-seen) detectives shooting and killing an unarmed black man they pursued as a rapist. This episode came out in 2014 and is full of terrible mothers, but this one is pretty tame. 11 This episode opens to a terrible pop song playing over a montage of a teenage girl getting ready to go out. But this is also the Gamergate episode, which did a terrible job of giving insightful, non-sensationalized commentary about this real-life story. They’re set up to be suspenseful pursuits full of undercover work, but often end up being pretty dull and redundant. 5 A young girl joins the porn industry and gets assaulted by two college students at a party. It’s the Lifetime movie version of an episode, mostly for the bad music plays as former prisoners recount their stories.387. 3 “Hey guys, we gotta do an episode about Trayvon Martin! 6 A college professor stalked a girl, watched her die, and then dragged her body outside to engage in some necrophilia. Turns out the baby died of SIDS and the parents blamed themselves. It’s in poor taste, especially since the next episode tackled violence against trans people.349. It’s not as original or suspenseful as it’s set up to be, but hey, at least Benson and Finn go undercover as pimps.348. 3 A dead girl’s body is dropped outside a hospital. 19 Benson and Stabler go undercover as a swingers couple. 8 Shiri Appleby plays a Coast Guard officer who’s gang raped by her fellow officers. 16 A dead body leads to a bunch of nasty murders tied to the Colombian drug cartel. One of the weakest episodes tries to make that argument when a con man pretends to work at a university so he can sleep with moms desperate to get their kids into school. She becomes attached to Benson and pretends to be abused to get her parents to pay attention to her.234. 11 A young girl is bullied at school for being the daughter of two lesbians.Characters with "hot-button" issues are: This trope works backwards too; we learn more about the detectives by noticing what kinds of people they empathize with.

These will manifest themselves in just about any episode that deals with crimes of a certain nature. 16 The first trio of episodes introducing Benson’s half-brother Simon in Season 8 were great. 15 The entire episode is about Rollins shooting and killing her sister’s abusive boyfriend. 7 Stabler kisses Beck and you’re like, “Dude, Benson’s only been gone for six episodes.”326. 5 The squad captures the head of a pedophile-rights group, then Rosie Perez is blamed for her husband’s abuse of her son. Dallas Roberts is creepy as hell as a twisted rapist serial killer. 20 Long before she got revenge on rapists in , Rooney Mara made her acting debut as a formerly overweight girl who beats up people who are overweight.278. 21 A private-school student jumps through a whole serious of ridiculous hoops to cover up his affair with a teacher, including his father paying a gang to commit hate crimes. He gets Benson to meet him at the park and holds a knife on her.274. 12 The head of a drug-trafficking ring has a six-year-old boy killed after he witnesses a murder. 20 I’m not a big fan of crossovers but this one’s not bad. 9 A rich and powerful septuagenarian slips a bartender Quaaludes and rapes her, forcing his grandson to testify against him.275. 8 A stalker and rapist assaults and kills the ADA who prosecuted him in a previous case.In a twist, it wasn’t the rapists who killed her but a weirdo who became obsessed from watching her on TV.227. 14 Aisha Hinds plays a trans woman who attacks a man who disagrees with his transgender daughters. But the real winner is Fin’s line: “He’s got a solid alibi. It’s some of Kelli Giddish’s best work on the show as she faces her former boss, who raped her years before. 21 has a thing for devastating stories about piano teachers who molest kids.For an episode from 2009, it’s impressively sensitive to struggles in the trans community, except that it uses the reveal that a character is trans as a “shocking” twist.226. A lot of the episodes around the squad’s personal lives feel distracting. (Maybe don’t get your kid private lessons.) In this one, a former victim of child abuse testifies against his old instructor, but it turns out he’s also become a piano teacher who abuses his students.202. 13 This episode opens with Stabler getting tossed through a window by a guy on PCP. What appears to be an investigation into child porn reveals a company has been testing pesticides on children in an apartment building, and Benson almost passes out because of it.201. 6 A rape and murder case that’s been covered up by an FBI agent leads the squad to investigate a Mexican drug cartel.

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Then Benson seduces the FBI agent to tap his phone, all after she was taken hostage at an airport.200. 12 I honestly couldn’t care less what this episode is about. With a straight face Hargitay delivers the line, “Do you think there was a reason that the killer sodomized your husband with a banana?

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