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Her fingerprints were lifted and with the help of the assistant managing editor of the Los Angeles "Examiner" (in exchange for information), the prints were sent to the FBI in Washington using the newspapers "Soundphoto" equipment.Meanwhile, an examination of the body was started by the coroners office.By the time the detectives were contacted and could get to the scene, it was swarming with reporters, photographers and a crowd of curiosity seekers.Hansen was furious that bystanders and even careless police personnel were trampling the crime scene.What they discovered was a complex maze that led them into the shadowy side of the city.... Elizabeth Short was an aspiring actress who usually dressed entirely in black.Thanks to her nice figure and attractive face, men easily noticed her.

It was clear that she had been killed somewhere else and then dumped in the vacant lot overnight.With a sharp intake of breath and a stifled scream, she took her daughter away from the gruesome site and ran to a nearby house. The call was answered by Officers Frank Perkins and Will Fitzgerald, who arrived within minutes.When they found the naked body of a woman who had been cut in half, they immediately called for assistance.It began to detail an incredible and horrifying variety of wounds to the young womans body, although the official cause of death was "hemorrhage and shock due to concussion of the brain and lacerations of the face." An autopsy revealed multiple lacerations to the face and head, along with the severing of the victims body. There was no sperm present on the body and most of the damage appeared to have been done after she was dead.Even the hardened doctors and detectives were shocked at the state of the girls corpse. The victim of the brutal murder was Elizabeth Short, a 22 year-old woman who originally came from Massachusetts.

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Here, she was convinced, she would come to the attention of the important people in the business. She had done some modeling before coming to Hollywood and men couldnt keep their eyes off of her. Home to Hollywood, sandy beaches, orange groves and movie studios. But there is one lost angel in black that has been haunting the citys boulevards of broken dreams for decades.

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  1. And really, the truth is, even when you meet a someone who could really be something, he’s still going to do things that annoy you. ) But for a laugh – and some reassurance that we’re all in this together – check out these quotes from real women on the dumb stuff that men do in the dating scene: 1. If you want to spend some time belching (er, bonding) with friends at a local bar, don’t tell me you’re sick and want to stay in. ‘Hi, how are you’ is fine in person, but I’m not going to waste time on someone who can’t think of an intelligent way to even start a conversation.” -Jackie, 30 4.