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Using the employees of digital agency Cyber-Duck, Strong Vend conducted office research by prohibiting participants from drinking coffee for a week and then permitting their usual dosage of coffee the following week.

In the second week, whilst participants were permitted to drink coffee, they were required to disclose how many cups of coffee they had drunk, as this data would be compared to their usual dosage.

My daughter suffers from migraines related to most scents.

According to legend, Kaldi the goatherd noticed his goats were displaying unusually hyper-active behaviour and identified the cause to be consumption of red berries.Upon this realisation, Kaldi reported his discovery to a local monastery where the beans from the red berries were crushed down to form the basis of a drink – Coffee was born!On this basis, coffee has been used as a stimulant drink dating back to 800AD.These results were obtained from participants rating their workday according to these factors on a 1 to 5 scale (with 5 being the maximum available).Noteworthy observations that were made over the testing period include an increase in tea consumption around the office, consumption of energy drinks to compensate for the lack of coffee and a participant dropping out for fear he would not be able to complete his workload without coffee.

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