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Angeles City in the Philippines is one of the easiest places in the world to get laid for anyone willing to shell out a few bucks.

Another great legacy of war and the US military, the place sprung up as a haven of prostitution when the US had thousands of troops stationed nearby.

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Even further up “Perimeter Road” there are even more bars, often opening and closing earlier .

These are usually staffed with less attractive women.

Surely those two were Filipino owned, which would mean a widening of the raids?

Cheers as far as I recall he objected to paying ladies drink price for his GF (who had nothing to do with DH), the mamasan and security reacted by almost killing him but I think he eventually pulled through.

In many bars the women will have numbers on their uniforms somewhere to make it easier to indicate interest in a particular lass.

When the girl comes over, customers can chat a bit, usually after buying her a lady drink.

But if he will open again IF he wants to make money... I agree I dont much care for that owner personally I will never spend my money in there, I had the old lady dont know if she the mother in law or what , she does books behind the bar tell me to fuck off all i did was ask her for another sml.

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