Online dating study finds students

“These days, the digital world is our real world, and for teens even more so.” In the study, co-authored by Meredith Dank, students reported that digital abuse was not experienced in isolation.

More than 80 percent also reported psychological abuse, which included limiting someone’s contacts with family or friends, damaging property, insisting on knowing where they are and insulting them publicly.

Dating is an important social step among teenagers, one that some are eager to try as soon as possible while others voluntarily arrive late to the party.

Most of the digital abuse or harassment from dating partners did not happen during school hours."The more people who used Facebook, the more their life satisfaction dropped."Communicating over Facebook and other forms of technology, adds Kross, is a completely novel form of passive social interaction."You're really seeing lots of positive things about everybody in your network that may not reflect reality very well," Kross says."It may very well instigate a kind of social comparison process."Kelly Stosch, a senior at the College of William and Mary, has felt the pressures of social media competition before."If someone retweets me or favorites the tweets or likes something that I post on Facebook it makes me feel good about myself," Stosch says.Genevieve Bell, director of interaction and experience research at Intel Labs, in an interview for Intel's Newsroom."A different way to read this might be that Millennials want technology to do more for them, and we have work to do to make it much more personal and less burdensome."The growing market of social media, smartphone apps and online dating websites have sparked more research into the psychology of technology use.

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