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Cukurs - Set Designer Randy Mc Ilvain - Set Designer Gene Serdena - Set Designer / Set Decorator Jim Lapidus - Costume Designer Paula Fairfield - Sound/Sound Designer David Kelson - Sound/Sound Designer Elmo Weber - Sound/Sound Designer Manex Visual Effects - Special Effects / Visual Effects Bruce Franklin - First Assistant Director Elizabeth Boykewich - Casting Tracy Kaplan - Casting Roger Mussenden - Casting Roy Arbogast - Special Effects Supervisor Travis Baumann - Digital Effects / Special Effects Supervisor Steve Berens - Animal Trainer/Wrangler Howard Berger - Makeup Supervisor / Makeup Special Effects J. However, Matthew never gets her name or a good look at her face in the darkness, and the next morning, he awakes to discover the power is back on, and the young woman is gone.

Reimann - Associate Producer Jack Giarraputo - Executive Producer Adam Sandler - Executive Producer Erwin M. He soon discovers that he's stranded on the elevator with a woman, and they strike up a conversation; one thing leads to another, and they end up making love.He admits that he was there, and that he changed his identity to escape prosecution for the crimes, but he insists that he's innocent, and that the massacre was committed by another soldier under the orders of a powerful general (Bruce Davison), who is using Ron as a patsy to cover it up.Claire is eventually convinced that Ron's telling the truth.  Michael Davis - Director Kevin Bassinson - Composer (Music Score) Matthew megtallja lmai njt. One night, Matthew is taking an elevator downstairs at his dorm when someone dashes in just as the door is closing.Moments later, there's a power outage, and Matthew and his fellow passenger are stuck.

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