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He left the CIA in 2001, and took a job with Citigroup in New York City a month before the September 11 terrorist attack.He received a call from the CIA that day and was back working with the CIA the next day, where he worked in counter-terrorism in New York.

He has been back several times; the text that follows is a report from his current visit.

In 1996, he was employed as a language analyst for the National Security Agency before being hired by the CIA.

Warren's first undercover job was in Kuwait in 1999.

I snapped a few photos, which an Iraqi security chief politely asked me to delete.

Now that Ive been accredited at the media embed office, I have a reservation on a night helicopter flight to Camp Speicher, halfway to Mosul, were Im scheduled to catch a morning flight the rest of the way. I arrive to find a group of soldiers and contractors of various nationalities waiting in the small office, snoozing to the tones of Happy Gilmore on the TV. Helicopters dramatically come and go, including a couple of two-rotor Chinooks and two small observation helos that swoop in so fast they seem to be crash-landing.

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