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This is ideal for storing process data, machine recipes, and application files.

Users can easily update the application program through this memory device– allowing logic and screen updates to be made in a single step with transportable media.

Temperature Control: With built-in RTD and thermocouple available, along with auto-tune PID, the XL series can perform advanced temperature control and much more on any machine.

Packaging: The XL series compact size, affordable price and fast response make it a natural for packaging machinery of all types.

Programming cable is also included in HE-CPK software package.

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The HE-XE103 model PLC provides high-speed pulse outputs which can be used to drive any of Omega's step & direction stepper drives.

The Cscape ladder logic software has built-in step motor functions which make programming your motion control application easy.

These are more than just a PLC, they include a Graphical Operator Interface (HMI), built-in I/O, networking and removable mass data storage.

An internal 10/100 MB Ethernet card makes machine data and XLe programming accessible at a plant-wide or world-wide basis.

In addition, the XL Series is available with an internal 57.6k telephone modem card.

The STM23S-2AN is an integrated stepper drive stepper motor which accepts pulses from a PLC.

Add the HE-XCK USB programming cable and OMPS150A24 power supply for a complete motion-control system that costs less than 00.

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