Updating duct work

Improper installation can reduce your system's efficiency by as much as 30 percent.

In other words, it can actually cancel out the savings you're expecting from upgrading to a more efficient model.

Are you making frequent repairs or enduring hot and cold spells in certain rooms? Take a proactive approach and have its performance evaluated by a professional.

Replacing an old, inefficient system with an Energy Star-rated model can save you about 0 per year on your utility bill, plus make your house far more comfortable.

If you’re thinking about installing the ductwork as a DIY project, keep in mind it is a large and involved project.

For installation in areas that are easily accessible such as a new room addition, a basement or even a crawl space, it will be a littler easier because you’ll have increased access to the area where the ductwork is being installed.

But replacing components isn't always the best option, especially if your system is several years old; the old and new parts may not work together efficiently.

Prices vary from state to state, but typically a professional installer may charge at least to per hour for labor and materials.

You can also send a link to the video to your customers.

They can see the advantages of these systems immediately.

Snaking small flex ducts through existing walls, floors and ceiling is 100 percent less invasive than using standard ductwork.

If you haven't heard of these systems, this short video will give you an idea of what they are all about.

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