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Franklin and JB started selling cigarettes until Franklin's grandfather caught them and apparent chased them them 'all over South LS'.

At the age of fourteen he kissed Tonya Wiggins at a Burger Shot and is arrested for public exposure, blaming racial profiling for his arrest.

Or at least did it the way most Punjabis would – a steady stream of alcohol and Red Bull.

(Wow.) Although they did have a hard time seeing around his turban to the finish line… My friends’ grandfathers catch a fish that you can SEE and they hear about it for years. I thought maybe he drank two 5-Hour Energy bottles.

He even manages to break into the De Santa house, sneaking past Amanda De Santa, Kyle Chavis and Carlos, in order to repossess a Bee Jay XL purchased by Jimmy De Santa.

His father Michael, however, hides on the back seat and holds Franklin at gun point, forcing him to drive into the company showroom, which results in Franklin and Lamar being fired.

Franklin, an only child, was spoiled by his grandmother and grandfather until their deaths sometime during his adolescence.

He then moves in with his aunt Denise (presumably his grandmother's house left to both of them) and cousin Tavell Clinton and eventually the cousins became members of The Families along with most of their childhood friends. Franklin states while hanging out with Lamar that he didn't graduate high-school because he was kicked out for beating up a teacher for unspecified reasons.

Ayakkabı ,mont vb giysileri giyip çıkarması konusunda desteklenmeli. Just hasn’t had the time to get around to learning how to read? At this rate, completing marathons at 100, I suppose he’s planning on cracking open his first book at 110? Watch this man read more than Sir Francis Bacon in the next 11 years. At one point he began selling drugs for a local dealer named Marcus.Marcus wanted Franklin to do something "above and beyond" however Franklin's refusal ended in bloodshed, with Franklin murdering Marcus and possibly his associates.

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  1. “These are the same people that go on racist tirades on You Tube videos about kittens,” she says. You have to recognize that people are often saying those things out of self-hatred.

  2. Sometimes if I have to go the bathroom or buy a drink, I will drop my laptop off with a friend to keep him company. He physically can’t be here for me when I need him – which is a depressing, but unfortunate, barrier in our relationship. Not long messages – just the short, standard 3 minute video that Skype lets you send. When Ryosuke wakes up (or gets back from work) he can watch the video to check up on me. I have a lot of friends in long distance relationships – half of which (on average) cheat on their significant other without meaning to. My favorite part about doing long distance in Japan was eating dinner together.