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I find it kind of hypocritical though that people on here are criticizing him for insulting other folk's looks...while insulting his looks.

Cooperation revolves around an inquest held by North and South Korean investigators, who secretly work together to arrest a criminal gang that consists of North Korean traitors.

1lol I seriously spent the entire first 2 episodes trying to figure his characters age.

i can't see him as an actual romantic interest to seol when the first part of the plot was centered around him being so fake to her and everyone else.

On one hand, these were all thing said a while ago, but on other hand, he has no business saying any of these things when home boy looks like a soulless eye scarecrow.

Looking like a 2016 Gumby, man get the hell out of here.

I was so shocked at how hard people were trying to defend all this ESPECIALLY with the transphobia.

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